Choirs for Peace

Choirs for Peace Day - Sunday 26 March 2023, 12:00-13:00 noon CET


Click on the image below to watch the live stream of the event on 26 March at 11:30 CET.


Join thousands of voices singing for peace

One year ago, on March 27, 2022, more than 25,000 voices from 1,000 choirs around the world gathered in cities in Spain, Portugal and 8 other countries, following the viral call launched by the Santiago Apostle Choir Family of Griñón (Madrid, Spain) thanks to the power of social and choral networks. The objective was to unite voices with a simple and unanimous song for peace, performing the traditional 'Dona Nobis Pacem' canon. This is the video summary of that day:

Given the great result of the call and the exciting atmosphere of unity that was experienced, we intend to repeat it a year later by calling singers and choirs from all cities in Europe who want to join us to express their wishes for peace through song.

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What is it?

We propose to create a meeting of common singing for peace, simultaneously, by choirs in all the cities of any country. Something simple, massive and with the greatest possible participation of choirs and institutions that want to join us. We count on choral music as a universal instrument to contribute to peace in the world.

These are the main data:

How to colaborate?

If you want to participate in the great Choirs for Peace event on March 26, you can do it in many ways:

How will it be organized?

Sign up

If you want to collaborate and join this big event on March 26 , leave us your details in the following registration form, and we will publish the local organization at your city or country

Choirs for Peace is a non-profit platform born at and sponsored by the Familia Coral Santiago Apóstol based in Griñón, Madrid, Spain, and it aims to unite all the choirs and institutions that want to join and promote events for peace through choral singing.