Choirs for Peace

Sunday March 27, 2022, 12pm CET

European cities

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Join more than 25 000 voices singing for peace from lots of European cities.





What is it?

We propose to create a meeting of common song for peace, simultaneously, by the choirs in all the cities of Europe who want to join. Something simple, massive and with the maximum possible participation of choirs and institutions that want to join. We count on choral music as a universal instrument to contribute to peace in Europe and in the world.

These are the main data:

  • When: Sunday, March 27 at 12:00 p.m. (Spanish time)

  • Where: in the most representative and appropriateor open space in your city

  • Who: all the choirs in the city and its surroundings, and all those who love to sing

  • What: We will sing the traditional canon "Dona Nobis Pacem" in three voices, a cappella (see score and audio tracks in Materials section). Optionally, other additional and representative simple pieces of each city may be performed

  • How: the choirs will meet in person in the most emblematic area of ​​their city. And at the same time we will unite all those images live by videoconference and we will broadcast it on social networks and media that adhere

  • What for: to unite thousands of people who love choral singing from all over Europe for a few minutes to sing a simple anthem that calls for the restoration of peace in Ukraine and in all the war-torn regions of the world

How to colaborate?

If you want to participate in the great Choirs for Peace event on March 27, you can do it in many ways:

  • singing in your city, individually or with your choir

  • conducting the choirs that will participate in your city

  • spreading the initiative in local or global media and networks

  • acting as a country delegate to spread and coordinate the initative a country level

  • acting as a local coordinator in your city and liaison with the general coordination of the event

  • providing technological support to the internet streaming of the local call in your city/country

How will it be organized?

  • A network of entities attached to the initiative will be created (people, choirs, federations, associations, media, other institutions) all coordinated by the Choirsforpeace international team

  • An operational liaison or coordinator will be appointed in each city or country to promote local communication, logistics and event production actions.

  • Clear and simple instructions will be distributed for the tasks of musical coordination, logistics and technology

Sign up

If you want to collaborate and join this big event on March 27 , leave us your details in the following registration form, and we will publish the local organization at your city or country

Choirs for Peace is a non-profit platform born at and sponsored by the Familia Coral Santiago Apóstol based in Griñón, Madrid, Spain, and it aims to unite all the choirs and institutions that want to join and promote events for peace through choral singing.